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3 Business Apps to Increase Productivity

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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People in business are always looking for tools to help them become more efficient and spend their days more time effectively. Nowadays, we have so many different options open to us thanks to our ever-growing technology and tools. Apps are huge and people are definitely using them to their advantage. If you’re looking for tools to increase your productivity –here are 3 business apps that are big right now that can do just that.

Sprocket Is Celebrating!

The Sprocket Report

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We’ve nicknamed this week’s newsletter “The Birthday Issue” because we’re celebrating a lot of births around the office. Making sure to post exciting updates is about as social as social media can be, but that’s the extent of the technical tips we’re giving today. Instead, we want to share our news!

Marketing Content on Google+

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Google+ is a huge contender on the social media marketing front. While there may be huge differences from Facebook and Twitter –it doesn’t make marketing on Google+ any less important. It is a different platform though and that comes with a different set of rules. 

Scams and Spam, Ad Nauseam

The Sprocket Report

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"There's a sucker born every minute." Contrary to popular belief, P.T. Barnum didn't actually say this quote, but both he and David Hannum, the guy who did say it, would no doubt find the sentiment extremely applicable to the internet. Has someone tried to sucker you in with these common scams?

5 Quick Social Media Updates

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Now that you are social and keeping in touch with your customers and clients –it’s time to make sure you’re staying up to date. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to stay relevant. Just give yourself a checklist that you can refer back to every other month or so to make sure that you’re updated and appealing to customers the way that you intend to.

Tips for Writing a Great Blog for Your Site

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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We've been talking lately about how hot content marketing is right now.  It's extremely important nowadays to have strong, original content linking back to your brand and your website.  People are looking for information -why not let your company be the one who supplies it?  While the idea of content marketing might be a simple one; actually executing original content is another matter altogether.  My advice is to either hire someone to write your posts for you (we actually offer that service... for the record...) or teach yourself the tips for writing a great blog on your website.


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