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Website Helps Families Preserve Memories

Saving stories from "back in my day"

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Knowing from personal experience how special it is to share a loved one's memories, Susan Schwartz started Back in My Day Videos to record those stories before they are lost forever. Her new website lets families check out the process for filming including introductions to the staff, video samples and pricing. The stroll down memory lane is a blast for the "star" of the film and the professional quality video becomes a treasured keepsake for the rest of the family. The Sprocket team really enjoyed working on this heart-warming project!

3 Steps to End Your Day in a Way That Jump Starts Your Morning

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Liebmann 0 2707 Article rating: 5.0

I work from home.  I'm not sure about you, but there's one thing I want to do when I have 30 things on my to do list for the day.  Clean.  I want to clean the house.  Organize everything all around me.  Why?  To feel organized and in control.  On a day that I'm being pulled in 324 different directions, I want a clear mind, clear living room floor, clear windows... you get the point.  Does it hack away at my to do list for the day?  No.  Does it keep me from pulling out all my hair and throwing the computer out the window?  So far, yes.  So what can you do?  What can you do tame the days you know you might have a crazy-stressedout-meltdown-throwyourcomputeroutthewindow-shovechocolateinyourface kind of day?  Set yourself up for success -start the day before.

Decipher – And Use – Your Google Analytics

The Sprocket Report

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Every website should have some kind of traffic measurement, and many websites actually do! Google Analytics is a popular tool because it’s free to install and it offers incredible insight into your web traffic. But if you never look at the reports or can’t figure out what they’re telling you, Analytics can’t help you.

Balancing Business, Personal, and Social Media During the Holidays

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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The holidays are approaching and social media doesn’t just stop because the date is November 27th or December 25th. Halloween is right around the corner and before we know it we’ll be in full holiday swing. This means several things for brands and companies. The holiday season can be an unbelievably useful marketing time. It’s also an incredibly busy time as well. How do you balance promoting your business and getting through the holidays in your personal life? Priorities –and there are a few that should top your list.

    Social Media: Separating Hype from Reality

    The Sprocket Report

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    The “build it and they will come” website hype has long gone. Now experts say social media “fans and follower counts are over.”  So has social media run its course or should it still be a line item in your company’s budget? Read on for the latest discussion on social media reality for the small- to medium- business owner.

    Are You Stymied by Failure to Fail?

    The Sprocket Report

    Kate Gingold 2 2883 Article rating: No rating
    ”Failure to Launch” is what you call it when adult children get stuck in familiar surroundings where they feel safe but are not progressing.  Businesses stagnate the same way. Rather than risk losing everything, we’re afraid to try anything new. By our failure to fail, we may be holding ourselves back from success.

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