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Top 2015 Social Media Predictions

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 1 2176 Article rating: No rating
We’re waving farewell to 2014 and diving headfirst into 2015 –hopefully it’s a good one! Meanwhile, social media is ever growing, ever changing, and ever present. So, what trends can we expect in the New Year? There are several ideas floating around there. We’ll see what you think of them.

5 Web Goals for the Upcoming Year

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 1711 Article rating: No rating
Many businesses want to reveal updated websites in the new year, which means that December is a traditionally busy time for us as we get them ready to launch. If revamping your website is one of your upcoming goals, January is a perfect time to talk to us! Not sure what improvements are most important? Here is a checklist of questions to start the conversation:

5 Ways You’re Failing at Social Media

The Sprocket Report

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The old year is fading away, but social media marketing most decidedly is NOT. Facebook may tighten visibility again and the popularity of various platforms may wax and wane, but online engagement with your clients will continue to be an important part of your marketing mix. Are you failing to make the most of this opportunity?

2014 End of The Year Wrap Up!

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 2296 Article rating: 5.0

As 2014 winds to a close, let’s take a look back before jumping into 2015! We pumped out an article at least every other week for you the whole year through. Let’s glance back at the top 10 DIY Sprocket Solution articles of 2014. Just like last year folks –see the ones you missed, the ones you loved, and the ones we really had no clue would become so popular.

Miracle on 34th Networking Event

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 7136 Article rating: No rating
While anticipating the ninetieth march down 34th Street of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, we started thinking about all the things for which we give thanks this year. We were reminded of the old “Miracle on 34th Street” movie which begins with the parade and goes on to mirror a bit of Sprocket’s history, one of the many things for which we are thankful!

Surviving (And Thriving!) on Black Friday

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 2839 Article rating: No rating

Next week is Black Friday and while everyone is scrambling to decide where they're going to spend their money, on what, and how long ahead of time they have to get in line to get it -you should be checking off the boxes to make sure you're up and running for those customers to burst in.  Or click in, if they're just visiting your site...


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