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The Power of Positive (and Negative) Reviews
Breanne Sagen
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The Power of Positive (and Negative) Reviews

DIY Sprocket Solutions

When introduced to a new company or product, one of the first things that people do now is go to look up reviews. Does the product really work? Is this company reputable? What is the quality of the work? The list goes on and on. There is no better endorsement than real world experiences. One of the most valuable things you can do for further growth of your business is to ask existing and previous customers for reviews.

For instance, what do you look for when you’re searching for a restaurant based on reviews? You start by searching for the area and type of restaurant you’re looking for. Once you have it narrowed down to the particular establishment you’re searching for, what’s important? The number of reviews and the score of those reviews. The more reviews a company has the more credible the rating is. A company with 1,324 reviews and a 4 star rating is much more appealing and trustworthy than a company with a single 5 star review. Sure, the rating is higher, but only one person cared enough to try it and review. Not exactly a glowing legacy.

Take the time to encourage customers to leave public reviews. You can conduct a follow up call to check in and get a quote to use to post a testimonial. You can incentivize things like leaving Yelp and Facebook reviews. For example, “10% off your next oil change if you take the time to leave us a review. We appreciate your feedback!” Remember that the quality and also quantity of reviews is important.

Consider also that building up a large number of reviews helps to buffer the (hopefully) rare negative review. You don’t want one negative review to completely obliterate your online reputation. If you only have one or two reviews and you receive a one star review it can completely ruin your rating. You have more power in numbers. Reviews allow your customers to see what kind of company you truly are while diluting some of the potential trolls that can pop up on the internet. A lot of times even unwarranted negative reviews cannot be removed. So, work to protect your brand.This doesn’t mean that you should be buying or posting fake reviews to bump up your numbers. It is often pretty apparent when a company posts fake reviews to pad their numbers or raise their rating. Be real and be honest. If there is a consistent problem that your customers are seeing, you should work to address and change the issue –rather than simply trying to cover it up. Let reviews be a learning experience as well as an opportunity for growth.

What kind of power do you think that reviews hold these days? What sort of strategies do you have to get customers to leave feedback? Have they worked for you? What has your biggest source of frustration been with online reviews? Comment below!

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Breanne Sagen

Breanne SagenBreanne Sagen

Breanne is a Content Writer, Social Media Marketeer, and Sales Associate for Sprocket Websites.

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