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Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations? Manage Multiple Facebook Pages with Locations
Breanne Liebmann
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Does Your Business Have Multiple Locations? Manage Multiple Facebook Pages with Locations

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Many business owners, both large and small, have more than one location that they are managing. Having a social media presence is essential and having a social media presence on a local level for each location has become essential as well. So, what is the best approach? A separate business page for each location? That’s one approach. However now, with Facebook Locations, business owners are provided a way to provide a local presence for each location while managing from one central page.

From Facebook:

With Facebook Locations, you can connect and manage all your business locations on Facebook to power local Pages and local awareness ads. You can add new local Pages, edit information for existing locations, and manage your locations from one central spot.

Here are a few advantages to publishing a Facebook Page for each of your business locations:

  • Customers and potential customers can find your local pages using search engines.
  • A map with all of your locations will appear on your main brand page. All of the locations will also be listed below the “Locations” tab. This helps customers find locations near them.
  • You can create brand posts that will feed out to all of your location pages so you don’t need to post for each individual page, but you can also post individual localized content and ads to each specific location as well.
  • Customers can leave reviews on each specific local page. In addition, you can choose to allow or disable reviews.

If you think that you fit into this category, Facebook Locations is a good way to master multi-location Facebook marketing. The ideal candidates for Facebook Locations are multi-location businesses with centralized brand management. The idea is to make your job easier and not more difficult. Having your locations all under one umbrella does help with that. The ability to be able to feed posts to all pages and also to post individualized content seems to be the biggest win in this scenario. Another added benefit is to know that you have the ability to grow cohesively. You don’t have to change your entire marketing strategy if you add in another location. You already have a brand page set up. You’ll simply be adding another location to the list.

Think you’d like to manage multiple business locations with Facebook Locations? Click here to start by setting up locations. Have any thoughts or questions? Comment below!

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Breanne Liebmann

Breanne LiebmannBreanne Liebmann

Breanne is a Content Writer, Social Media Marketeer, and Sales Associate for Sprocket Websites.

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