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Facebook Introduces Embedded Posts

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Liebmann 0 3635 Article rating: No rating
In the name of all things social media, I thought I'd catch you all up on what's going on in Facebook's slice of the universe this week.  Turns out, Facebook has decided to introduce a social plugin that allow users to embed posts on their blogs and websites.  What are embedded posts?

We Worry So You Don't Have To

Datacenter Upgrade Boosts Capacity 150%

Kate Gingold 0 2541 Article rating: No rating
We work with PowerDNN to host our clients' DNN websites. We chose PowerDNN because they are the world leader in DNN infrastructure and hosting. Still, there's always room for improvement and we're happy to report that PowerDNN recently improved by doubling redundancy and increasing throughput capacity. Translated from geekspeak, that means they've reduced the chances that your website will go down when something freaky happens to one of the many moving parts. One less worry for us when we're taking care of your website.

It Takes A Fork To Stir A Community…

It is nice to see the community talking.

James Nagy 0 6839 Article rating: No rating

There has been some talk about DotNetNuke and Windows Azure for quite some time, so the topic isn’t really new. However to learn about DNN putting specific effort and custom code into getting DNN Evoq running on Azure was - thought provoking.

Windows Azure has never been important to Sprocket Websites. We know what it is, we know what it does, but it just doesn’t fit our business model or our customer’s business model. We host numerous websites through PowerDNN and...

Business in the Clouds

DNN Hosting Issues Not Just Technical

Don Gingold 0 3082 Article rating: No rating

Our friends and key hosting supplier PowerDNN wrote a cautionary blog post about DNN Evoq Cloud. There was a flurry of responses and a bit of drama attributed to it in DNN circles, and it prompted a followup post. There was further talk about that one. So lately in the DNN blogosphere it's not been business as usual, but it has been all about business. Here's what I mean.

Knowing More Makes Your Website Less Dangerous

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 1990 Article rating: No rating

With the speed that technology changes, too often we just have to jump in and pick it up as we go along. Sometimes that means we miss a few of the details that might help us grasp the bigger picture. “I know enough to be dangerous” is no longer a joke when your website starts killing your business, so here’s the super simple CliffsNotes to help you make the right web-building decisions.

Constant Contact in a Nutshell

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Liebmann 0 6855 Article rating: 3.7
I've seen a lot of Constant Contact news pop up around lately.  For a company that's been around over 15 years, many of you probably know all about Constant Contact and what they can do for you.  For those that don't however, let me take a sec to share just what it is that their operation does and how it might be able to benefit you. 

Reinvented DNN

Buzz, Buzz, Buzz

Kate Gingold 0 2681 Article rating: No rating
DotNetNuke is now DNN and www.dotnetnuke.com is now www.dnnsoftware.com. In addition to a whole bunch of new logo designs, there will be a few things to learn and experiment with. We'll keep you posted!

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