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Finding Free Photos

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 8 1166 Article rating: 5.0

Experts emphasize the importance of graphics in your blog and social media posts and many options are available just for the googling. But where can you find images that won’t land you in intellectual property trouble?

Twitter Revamps Ads and Introduces Ad Groups

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 1289 Article rating: No rating

Basically all of the big dog platforms on social media have advertising options for advertisers. Twitter has had ads for a long while now, but they are revamping! Twitter has recently introduced their ads editor tool. This tool enables advertisers to create and edit multiple campaigns at once. How is it done? Users can export the ad details to a spreadsheet and then reload them with the updated details. 

What Was There for You at DNNcon?

The Sprocket Report

Kate Gingold 0 1181 Article rating: No rating

Whether consciously or not, “WIIFM?”(or What’s In It For Me?) is the question we all ask all the time. Some of the Sprocket team attended DNNcon in Baltimore last week, but why should you care? Read on for three actionable take-aways from the con for business owners and not-for-profit managers like you.

Facebook Canvas: What is it & Why do You Need it?

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 1678 Article rating: No rating
In February, Facebook announced a new feature being hailed as the evolution of mobile advertising. This feature is called Canvas. In their own words, “Facebook Canvas is an immersive and expressive experience on Facebook for businesses to tell their stories and showcase their products”. Well, that’s certainly not vague at all. So, what can it do exactly and what are the possibilities for marketing?

DNNcon Saved My Life!

An exaggerated account of my travels home

Don Gingold 3 1474 Article rating: 3.0

If it wasn't for DNNcon, it would have been a difficult drive home. (Of course, if it wasn't for DNNcon I wouldn't have been there in the first place!)

Selling DNN

Our presentation at DNNcon Baltimore

Don Gingold 0 1438 Article rating: No rating

Here's our presentation slide deck and an overview of our presentation for Selling DNN.

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