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The Front Page of a Winning Web Site

For #TBT -- originally published April 29, 2003

Kate Gingold 0 1184 Article rating: No rating
Even if you're not writing your own code, you should know what makes a winning web site. In fact, if you browse the web yourself, you already know which sites you spend time on and which you click away from. A little analysis would tell you why certain front pages catch your eye, but as your time is better spent on your own business, choosing a good web designer makes the most sense. Here are some tips to measure whether your site's front page is a winning one.

The Truth about Free Websites

The Sprocket Report

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Every entrepreneur workshop lately wants to show you how to make your own website for free. As web-building professionals, usually “them’s fightin’ words.” But truthfully, a free website-builder may be appropriate as long as the entrepreneur knows what to expect.

Users Turning to Pinterest Over Google to Search

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 1887 Article rating: No rating
Say it isn’t so! You’re talking to a dedicated “googler” over here. I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz lately about Pinterest being the new Google and at first I rolled my eyes and said a sarcastic OKAY, but now that I’ve sat back and thought about it a bit … I’m guilty of searching on Pinterest too. This can be a pretty positive shift for those who are marketing (or should be marketing) on Pinterest. With its power in search growing, this can translate into serious dollars for Pinterest marketers.

Does Your Client Act Like a Toddler?

The Sprocket Report

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Your toddler doesn’t think the nap you’re suggesting is necessary. As a parent, you know better. You read the books. You talk with peers. You have the experience to make an informed decision and so the toddler gets a nap. But what about when your client doesn’t think your suggestion is necessary?

Social Media Don'ts

DIY Sprocket Solutions

Breanne Sagen 0 2298 Article rating: 5.0

We've all seen them -cringeworthy posts on social media that we wish we could take back for the other person.  I've had severe secondhand embarrassment for someone who posted a questionable status or photo on social media.  Selfie on a toilet anyone?  A completely insensitive joke with a hashtag #toosoon?  Now let's translate that to brands on social media.  Brands are not immune to social media faux pas.  There are a few safe bets when it comes to social media don'ts.

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