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3 Must Have Content Creation Tools

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Creating unique and relevant content on a regular basis can be a tall order. When your goal is to be a subject matter expert, and readers are blazing through similar types of articles to find the best, you have to present content that stands out from the rest. We’ve found a few tools that help create content that stands out to readers while providing valuable insight along the way.

Outsourcing Social Media Marketing for the Holidays or Busy Season

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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Much in the same way that businesses hire on additional help for the busy holiday season, outsourcing work like social media marketing can be a smart way to stay ahead of the game. When is your busiest season or time(s) of year? Are you spread in a million directions at once? Most small business owners have great ideas, great intentions, and great plans. The problem is having enough hours in a day to successfully execute all of those ideas, intentions, and plans.

Holiday Sales: Let Customers’ Buying Habits Shape Your Marketing Strategy

DIY Sprocket Solutions

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We talk a lot about social media marketing and the way that marketers should work to create and maintain effective campaigns. This holiday season, let’s switch the lens to the buyer. What research are consumers doing across social media to investigate products before they buy? How can you take the decision making process of customers surrounding their purchasing and translate that into a successful social media marketing campaign? The secret to a fruitful holiday season for your business is tracing back the patterns that customers make before they buy and updating your social media strategy accordingly.

Sprocket Websites is Speaking at DNN Summit 2018!

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DNN Summit is returning to Denver, Colorado this February and Sprocket’s own Don Gingold and James Nagy will be among the selected speakers presenting on a variety of topics at this great conference! DNN Summit 2018 runs from February 6th – 10th at the Embassy Suites in Downtown Denver. The conference is one day longer than last year to provide visitors even more knowledge on a broad range of topics from DNN to .NET Core to Marketing / SEO, Administration and everything in between. Don and James will be each be presenting a full 60 minute session at the DNN Summit!


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