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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Using Original Visual Content to Boost Interest Read more

Using Original Visual Content to Boost Interest

Visual content is a proven way to bring in readers, followers and customers. The right kind of visual content can inspire someone to click on an article, buy a product, or do more research into your company. While there are millions of stock options out there –original content will always be the best choice. Why? It’s unique. It’s one of a kind. It’s a brand new experience to viewers.

Working Around Facebook Changes Read more

Working Around Facebook Changes

It was only a few months ago that we showed you how to clean up ugly link previews when sharing community events and news. If you’ve tried these techniques lately, you know they don’t work any longer. Here’s why – and what you can do about it.

Optimizing Blog Posts for SEO Read more

Optimizing Blog Posts for SEO

Content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) both have the opportunity to be intertwined with one another. SEO is when you optimize your web pages in a way that they become more visible to people who are searching for keywords associated with your business, products, or services on search engines. When we consider content marketing in terms of SEO, we are talking about utilizing your blog posts to make them most relevant to search engines and to your customers.

About that “Not Secure” Website Warning Read more

About that “Not Secure” Website Warning

Have you lately read news reports stating that on October 1 websites without an SSL certificate will be labeled “Not Secure?” You may be wondering what this means to you, both as a business manager and as a consumer.

Incorporating Reviews into Social Media Marketing Strategy Read more

Incorporating Reviews into Social Media Marketing Strategy

Your company may have some great testimonials and feedback. These are perfect (and free!) advertisements for your business. The question is –how do you effectively incorporate those reviews into a social media strategy that will help you to grow your customer base? In every part of marketing, audience is imperative to your success. You have to define your target audience before you can put together any sort of social strategy –reviews and testimonials included.

Even You Can Create a Content Calendar Read more

Even You Can Create a Content Calendar

The term “content calendar” shows up in marketing blog posts everywhere, but very few people we know actually use one. To finish 2017 strong, why not give it a whirl for a few months? We’ll get you started!

The Power of Positive (and Negative) Reviews Read more

The Power of Positive (and Negative) Reviews

When introduced to a new company or product, one of the first things that people do now is go to look up reviews. Does the product really work? Is this company reputable? What is the quality of the work? The list goes on and on. There is no better endorsement than real world experiences. One of the most valuable things you can do for further growth of your business is to ask existing and previous customers for reviews. 
Hootsuite Announces Collaboration with Adobe Read more

Hootsuite Announces Collaboration with Adobe

It’s a social media marketer’s dream.  Hootsuite, already the leading social media marketing platform, is now joining forces with Adobe to offer marketers so much more. Hootsuite, Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock are a match made in heaven.  Now that content is king, we can use management tools like these to help our social media marketing campaigns climb to new heights. The new features offered through Adobe are only going to help your brand to be even more successful.

Building the Right Facebook Audience Read more

Building the Right Facebook Audience

The number of your Facebook Likes is not nearly as important as who the people that Like you are. Once you have a goal for your Facebook business page, you’ll need to nurture the audience who will help you fulfill that goal.

Posting Job Openings on LinkedIn Read more

Posting Job Openings on LinkedIn

Considering it is a social network full of professionals across countless fields –LinkedIn seems like the perfect place to post any job openings your company may have. Whether your company is simply looking for extra talent or a main goal of your social media strategy is to attract specific employees, posting a job listing to LinkedIn is a great way to receive new applicants.
Facebook Ads Case Study Read more

Facebook Ads Case Study

Contemplating a Facebook ad and wondering what results to expect? Take a look at this report on how it worked for one of our clients.

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