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Monday, May 22, 2017

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What is a SSL Certificate... and Do I Need One?

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Alright, all of you tech geniuses out there -you butt out of this one.  This is for those of us who are still learning.  Back to the basics here. If you have a business, (of course that would mean you also have a website for your business...ahem) this is something you need to know.  So what exactly is a SSL Certificate and do you need one for your website?  Well, I'll tell you.

.ORG Specials!

Snatch up the ever popular .ORG Domain

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Register your .ORG domain today!  .ORG’s are the ever-popular registrations that are used for non-commercial organizations and by businesses to showcase their charitable activities. Even for-profit organizations can communicate their goals beyond their commercial endeavors with a .ORG registration.

It’s a great way to share business community service activities, charitable acts, and social values.  .ORG registrations can have a great social impact for businesses, non-commercial, and commercial organizations.

.INFO Registrations Sale!

Check out our rates on trusted .INFO domains

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Sprocket Websites has great low rates on .INFO registrations. If you have a website that provides a way to share information to the masses –this domain is perfect for you.  Registrations in .INFO are great for businesses, organizations, and individuals.  Most conveniently, they are recognized around the world. 

.INFO registrations have been growing in numbers and popularity since 2001 and they are now the fourth most popular domain used today on the internet.  This means that people who see the domain ‘.INFO’ trust that domain and the information that is being presented.  Because it’s universal and recognized worldwide, it’s a reputable way to get information about your business or organization out into the world. 




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