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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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How to Define and Build Your Business Brand Read more

How to Define and Build Your Business Brand

We recently were privy to a discussion on business branding. The debate sparked some varied and emotional responses among marketing professionals. When was the last time you seriously considered your business brand?

What to Expect From a Social Media Marketing Consultant Read more

What to Expect From a Social Media Marketing Consultant

Outsourcing the social media marketing for your business can be a great idea. When you’re busy actually running a company, it’s hard to maintain an effective social media marketing campaign. You’re shorting your business in a lot of ways by not maximizing your online marketing efforts. It makes sense to find a consultant or company that can take the social media management off your hands. The problem people have is knowing exactly what they should expect from a social media marketing manager.
Content Marketing: Your Content is Your First Impression Read more

Content Marketing: Your Content is Your First Impression

For businesses that dive into the realm of content marketing, you are taking on a certain responsibility. If you are writing a blog or creating articles surrounding your business and industry, people are looking at you as an expert on that topic or in that field. In most cases, having a byline gives you some semblance of authority. Maybe this gives you the impression that your job is easier to execute. People are going to think that you know what you’re talking about –so the pressure is off to create truly valuable content. This couldn’t be less true. Mediocre content can potentially hurt your business more than no content at all.
Master Both Sides of Marketing Read more

Master Both Sides of Marketing

Lately we put in some long days of highway driving and saw a zillion billboards advertising a wide range of products – including advertising itself. We got to thinking that there are two important sides of marketing and not everyone is mastering both.  



Social Media Marketing: Using Social Network Revamps Read more

Social Media Marketing: Using Social Network Revamps

With such a large variety of social media platforms in the market, it can be a tough job to keep up with all of the various updates, additions, changes, and redesigns that all of the different networks have going on. As a social media marketer, or just a business on social media, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for these changes and what they can mean for your business or strategy. 
Love Your Internet Pro? Let’s Count the Ways… Read more

Love Your Internet Pro? Let’s Count the Ways…

When you’re romancing a sweetheart, you’ll do all kinds of things just to see them happy and prove your devotion to their needs. In recognition of Valentine’s Day, let’s take a look at all the things your internet marketing partner does for you to win your love.

Micro-Influencers: Social Media Marketing Read more

Micro-Influencers: Social Media Marketing

We now live in a time where people trust social media platforms as a sort of news source. When it comes to social media marketing, and specifically when it comes to brands on social media, authenticity is key. Social networks are giant now. It’s clear that businesses need to have an online presence, but this means that the waters are a little diluted. Influencers can offer a lot of benefits to brands trying to reach more followers and new audiences. It’s not just influencers in general that businesses should be focused on. Micro-influencers may be an even more valuable tool to small businesses on social media.
Are You Sharing the Right URL? Read more

Are You Sharing the Right URL?

Social media is a definite must-have when you’re trying to reach a larger audience. Businesses want to promote sales or networking events. Organizations want to promote their fundraisers or festivals. But you’re losing their attention by sending folks to the wrong website URL.
Consistency is Key in Social Media Customer Service Read more

Consistency is Key in Social Media Customer Service

Handling customer service across social media channels is somewhat expected in this hyper connected time. Many customers are looking for instant feedback and response when they have an issue or a question. If your business is represented online, which is absolutely necessary in this day and age, then you have to have a customer service strategy in place as well.
What Is the Mission of Your Business? Read more

What Is the Mission of Your Business?

We saw a truck the other day with a company slogan written on it that really impressed us: “Helping the world keep promises.” A slogan is basically a mini mission statement. Does your business have one?

The Impact of Google’s Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty Read more

The Impact of Google’s Mobile Intrusive Interstitials Penalty

Google announced that they would be applying penalties to sites that utilize problematic interstitial ads for visitors. These are ads that pop up and take up a considerable amount of screen space. At times, especially on mobile devices, these ads can be nearly impossible to get around. It’s something that site visitors complain about and get frustrated with time and again. Google has decided to penalize the offending sites by dropping their ranking on the search engine.

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