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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Using Social Media to Hire Employees Read more

Using Social Media to Hire Employees

Recently, I heard a news story relaying how McDonald’s plans to fill 250,000 job openings in the US over the next few months. Good news, but what really caught my attention was the fact that the fast food chain is hoping to fill these jobs with Snapchat’s help. McDonald’s is using Snapchat to hire millenials.
Boost Your Email Opens with a Better Subject Line Read more

Boost Your Email Opens with a Better Subject Line

Regardless of what social media platform is the current darling, email marketing is still the best digital tool for lead generation and lead nurturing. But if your open rates are making you depressed, it’s time to shake things up a little by tweaking your subject line.  

Using Pinterest to Promote Blog Articles Read more

Using Pinterest to Promote Blog Articles

Pinterest is a great place to promote a variety of content. Most would consider Pinterest to primarily be a place to share products. Those who are writing blog articles may not consider this platform first to promote content. If you aren’t using Pinterest to share your articles, you may be missing out on an entirely new reader base.
Step-By-Step Facebook Event Sharing Read more

Step-By-Step Facebook Event Sharing

Connecting with your local community helps you become a business people know, like and trust. Sharing community events on your Facebook page is one way to do that. Here is our step-by-step guide for effective event posts.  

5 Free Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing Read more

5 Free Ways to Boost Your Social Media Marketing

If your social media marketing budget is nonexistent, but you’re still trying to succeed online, you’ll have to get creative. There are a million options across all of the networks when it comes to paid advertising, paying for views and paying for followers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t still be successful. It just means that you need to consider the things that will help your business stand out and then focus your time and energy on them. These things will go a long way to putting you ahead of your competition and helping you to be visible to customers.
Troubleshoot Your Underperforming Website Read more

Troubleshoot Your Underperforming Website

“My website doesn’t work” is a common complaint we hear. While it would seem to be a straightforward project to fix a broken website, it’s not quite that simple. Here are some items you should consider to evaluate your underperforming site.

Prepare for Google’s Mobile First Index Read more

Prepare for Google’s Mobile First Index

Smartphone use for internet search has exploded over the last few years. Previously, Google has analyzed content for ranking of search results primarily from the desktop version of a website vs a mobile version. More and more people are using mobile devices every day to search and navigate the internet. Because of this, Google has decided to change everything around and start prioritizing the mobile versions of websites. This new index will be rolled out over the next few months. It means that there will be big changes for marketers and website owners to prepare for.
Using Expert Roundups to Boost Content Marketing Reach Read more

Using Expert Roundups to Boost Content Marketing Reach

As a content marketer, you are continually creating and churning out fresh and relevant content about your specific industry. Collaborative content marketing, guest writing for another blog or having guest authors featured on your own page, is always a great option for spicing things up and reaching new readers. If you want to go a step beyond guest blogging, consider the benefits of writing an expert roundup. 
When Your Website Breaks (And It Will) Read more

When Your Website Breaks (And It Will)

It’s easy to forget how awesome today’s digital landscape is. And it’s also easy to forget that sometimes our digital media won’t always work the way we expect. Here are a few issues that may be an unpleasant surprise in your near future.

Using Canva to Create Facebook Ads Read more

Using Canva to Create Facebook Ads

Canva is an excellent, and free, graphic-design tool. It’s a great asset because it is easy to use and provides access to over a million photographs, graphics, and fonts. For social media marketers, it’s an amazing app that allows you to create great images for all of your different social media accounts within minutes. Canva already has pre-made templates that are the correct sizing for the different platforms. This takes a big chunk out of the work for you.

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